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Non-Tariff Barriers and Trade Integration in the EAEU

David Tarr, NES
Natalia Turdyeva, CEFIR

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Important Policy Lessons from Swedish-Russian Capital Flows Data

Torbjörn Becker, SITE

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The Inevitable Social Security Reforms in Belarus

Kateryna Bornukova, BEROC

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Did Russian Migration to Russia Affect the Labor Market?

Olga Lazareva, Higher School of Economics

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Electoral Competition and Political Selection

Nicolas Gavoille, SSE Riga and BICEPS

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And the Lights Went Out – Measuring the Economic Situation in Eastern Ukraine

This policy brief assesses the economic situation in the war-affected East of Ukraine. Given that official statistics are not available, we use changes in nighttime light intensity, measured by satellites, to estimate to what extent the war has destroyed the economy, and whether any recovery...
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Effects of Trade Wars on Belarus

The trade wars following the 2014 events in Ukraine affected not only the directly involved participants, but also countries like Belarus that were affected through international trade linkages. According to my estimations based on a model outlined in Ossa (2014), these trade wars led to...
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Time to Worry about Illiquidity

At a time when central banks have injected unprecedented amounts of money, worrying about illiquidity may appear odd. However, if poorly understood and unaddressed, illiquidity could be the foundation of the next financial crisis. Market liquidity is defined as the ease of trading a financial...
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