Policy Brief

Is There a Dutch Disease in Russian Regions?

The low economic diversification in Russia is commonly blamed on the abundance of energy resources. This brief summarizes the results of our research that investigates the presence of Dutch disease effects across Russian regions. We compare manufacturing subsectors with different sensitivity to the availability of...
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Poland’s Road to “High Income Country” Status: Lessons Learnt – Not Only for Other Countries

In this brief we summarize and discuss results presented in a recent World Bank Report focused on Poland’s path from middle to high-income country status. In the period until 2015, Poland’s economic development distinguished itself by its stability and consistency of the implemented reform package,...
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School Financing, Teacher Wages and Educational Outcomes in Russia

The policy proposal to increase the share of budget spent on public education implies that higher financing leads to better quality of education. This, however, is far from certain. We test and compare the effects that different levels of financial resources available to schools and...
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Paid Work after Retirement – Does Quality of Your Main Job in the Past Matter?

In this brief, we summarize the results of a recent analysis focused on identifying the key determinants of engagement in paid work after retirement based on life histories data from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE). We find a strong link...
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