Irina Denisova

Irina Denisova

Ph.D., Professor | CEFIR

Irina Denisova is a core member of CEFIR’s team who initially worked at RECEP and joined CEFIR when it was founded in 2000. She is also a professor at the New Economic School, where she teaches courses in macroeconomics and labour economics, and a researcher at the Central Institute of Economics and Mathematics (CEMI).

Denisova received a Ph.D. degree from Manchester University in the U.K. after she had finished Post-Graduate Program in Economics at the Central Institute of Economics and Mathematics (CEMI), Russian Academy of Sciences (1987 -1990) and had graduated from the Department of Economics at Moscow State University named after Lomonosov (Diploma with Distinction in Economics) in 1987.

Research fields: Effectiveness of Government, Labour Economics, Labour Markets, Microeconomics of Unemployment, Poverty and Inequality, Social Policy

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