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The Russian economy under Putin (so far)

Torbjörn Becker, SITE

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“New Goods” Trade in the Baltics

Julián P. Díaz, Quinlan School of Business
Sang-Wook (Stanley) Cho, University of New South Wales

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Independent Media and Contemporary Military Doctrines

Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, Paris School of Economics

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Cross-Country Differences in Convergence in CESEE

By Bas B. Bakker, IMF
Krzysztof Krogulski, IMF

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Monetary Policy Puzzle in the Presence of a Negative TFP Shock and Unstable Expectations

Dzmitry Kruk, BEROC

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Empirical Evidence on Natural Resources and Corruption

This policy brief addresses the relationship between resource wealth and a particular institutional outcome – corruption. We overview some recent empirical evidence on this relationship and outline results of an on-going research project addressing a particular aspect of resource-related political corruption: transformation of resource rents...
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Transportation Infrastructure and Labor Market Integration: the Moscow Oblast Case

Author: Tatiana Mikhailova, NES. The model of city organization proposed by von Thünen in the beginning of the XIXth century, and then formalized by Alonso followed by Muth and Mills (see Ner (1986)), is one of the most “successful” models in economics in terms of...
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And Then There Were Eighteen? Will Latvia Join the Euro Zone in 2014?

Author: Daunis Auers, University of Latvia. Latvia’s government is zealously preparing for accession to the Euro Zone. Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis is expected to request the European Central Bank (ECB) and European Commission (EC) prepare their respective convergence reports on Latvia’s readiness to enter Economic and...
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Adapting to Capitalism

Author: Jenny Simon, SITE When transitioning to a free-market economy, do people adapt to the new circumstances immediately? Undoubtedly, major shifts in the political system do not escape people’s notice. They often follow extended demonstrations, spectacular coups d’état or even violent uprising. However, the changes...
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