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Socio-Economic Policy in Poland: A Year of Major Changes in Benefits, Taxes, and Pensions

Mateusz Najsztub, CenEA
Michał Myck, CenEA

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Operating and Financial Hedging: Evidence from Trade

Olga Kuzmina, New Economic School

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Intimate Partner Violence, Norms and Policies

Maria Perrotta Berlin, SITE

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Higher Competition in the Domestic Market – A Way to Boost Aggregate Productivity

Konstantins Benkovskis, SSE Riga

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Gaming the System: Side Effects of Earnings-Dependent Benefits

Anna Zasova, BICEPS
Vitalijs Jascisens, SITE

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Presidential Elections in Russia: Massive Vote Fraud Ensures that Legitimacy is in Doubt, but the Policy Direction is not

Author: Konstantin Sonin, CEFIR. The March 4th, 2012, elections formally returned Vladimir Putin, the paramount leader of Russia since 1999, to the presidency. Despite Draconian restrictions on entry, financing, campaigning by other candidates, Putin’s dominance of TV, blatant use of state employees and funds to...
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Inflation Expectations and Probable Trap for Macro Stabilization

Author: Dmitry Kruk, BEROC. As of today, a majority of the negative consequences of the deep Belarusian currency crisis of 2011 seem to have been realized. Hence, the Belarusian economy is now ‘purified’ from main macroeconomic distortions and has a chance for sustainable long-term growth. Nevertheless,...
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Is Regional Policy Effective in the Long Run? Learning from Soviet History

Author: Tatiana Mikhailova, NES Regional inequality has been a pressing issue in many countries, and also between the countries of the European Union.  Unequal economic development, where some regions develop successfully and prosper while other regions stagnate, is often viewed as a source of social...
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