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The Russian economy under Putin (so far)

Torbjörn Becker, SITE

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“New Goods” Trade in the Baltics

Julián P. Díaz, Quinlan School of Business
Sang-Wook (Stanley) Cho, University of New South Wales

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Independent Media and Contemporary Military Doctrines

Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, Paris School of Economics

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Cross-Country Differences in Convergence in CESEE

By Bas B. Bakker, IMF
Krzysztof Krogulski, IMF

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Monetary Policy Puzzle in the Presence of a Negative TFP Shock and Unstable Expectations

Dzmitry Kruk, BEROC

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Natural Resources, Intangible Capital and Sustainable Development in a Small, Oil-Rich Region

“Where scientific enquiry is stunted, the intellectual life of a nation dries up, which means the withering of many possibilities of future development.” – Albert Einstein, 1934 The rampant unemployment rates and the general contraction of economic activity in many western countries rekindled the fear...
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For Some Mothers More Than Others: How Children Matter for Labor Market Outcomes When Both Fertility and Female Employment Are Low

Authors: Krzysztof Karbownik and Michal Myck, CenEA. Wide spread entry of women into the labor force has been one of the most pronounced socio-economic developments in the 20th century, and high levels of female employment are crucial from the point of view of continued economic growth...
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Recent Dynamics of Returns to Education in Transition Countries

Authors: Tom Coupé and Hanna Vakhitova, KEI. While, in an international comparison, transition countries spend a relatively large share of their GDP on education, and the population in transition countries is fairly highly educated, the returns to education in transition countries have been found to...
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The Eurasian Customs Union among Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan: Can It Succeed Where Its Predecessor Failed?

Author: David G. Tarr, NES. In 2010, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan formed the Eurasian Customs Union and imposed the Russian tariff as the common external tariff of the Customs Union. This resulted in almost doubling the external average tariff of the more liberal Kazakhstan. Russia...
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Corruption in Eastern Europe as Depicted by Popular Cross-Country Corruption Indicators

Author: Maria Perrotta, SITE. In recent years, variously defined indicators of corruption from different sources have aimed at raising awareness about corruption and to provide researchers with better data for analyzing the causes and consequences of corruption. Most of them have achieved spectacular popularity, and...
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Inter-Regional Convergence in Russia

Author: Sergei Guriev, CEFIR/NES.   There was no inter-regional convergence in Russia during the 1990s but the situation changed dramatically after 2000. While interregional GDP per capita gaps still persist, the differentials in incomes and wages decreased substantially. Interregional fiscal redistribution has never played a...
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