Coming to Terms with the Past – Challenges for History Teaching in Russian Schools

The Political Economy of the Latvian State Since 1991: Some Reflections on the Role of External Anchors

Author: Alf Vanags, BICEPS. This brief discusses the role of external anchors or goals such as WTO accession, NATO and EU accession in Latvia’s development strategy since 1991. On the one hand the external goals ‘depoliticised’ many potentially contentious areas of Latvian life. On the...
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The Relationship between Education and Migration. The Direct Impact of a Person’s Education on Migration

This brief is based on a section from a large policy report, which investigates to what extent education directly influences major migration decisions. The results indicate that education does not have a clear and persistent effect on most of the migration decisions of Ukrainians —...
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The relationship between education and labor market opportunities: the case of Ukraine

Author: Hanna Vakhitova, KSE and Tom Coupe, KSE This brief is based on a research project that analyses the extent to which the educational system in Ukraine contributes to better local employment opportunities, hence diminishing the outflows. According to the results, additional year of education...
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