Traces of Transition: Unfinished Business 25 Years Down the Road?

Urban Land Misallocation and Markets in Russian Cities

Authors: Paul Castañeda Dower, CEFIR and William Pyle, Middlebury College. Former socialist countries inherited factory-dominated cityscapes since planners made industrial location decisions in relative ignorance of land’s opportunity costs. Drawing on unique survey evidence and policy variation across territorial units within Russia, this brief discusses...
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The Political Economy of the Latvian State Since 1991: Some Reflections on the Role of External Anchors

Author: Alf Vanags, BICEPS. This brief discusses the role of external anchors or goals such as WTO accession, NATO and EU accession in Latvia’s development strategy since 1991. On the one hand the external goals ‘depoliticised’ many potentially contentious areas of Latvian life. On the...
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Whither Russia’s History Thought? Trends in Historical Research, Teaching and Policy-Making

Author: Lennart Samuelson, SITE. The next Russian generation’s understanding of their country’s past may turn out to be more refined and complex than at present whether or not the current project of a single history-textbook and accompanying pedagogical materials are successful. Rather than imposing a...
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