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Development Day 2018 – Gender Equality and Development: From Research to Action

On June 1, SITE with financial support from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs will be organizing the Development Day 2018 conference at the Stockholm School of Economics. The topic of this year’s conference is gender and development.

A society is best developed if both men and women equally contribute to economic and social development, but this can only happen if men and women are given the same freedoms of choice and opportunities in education, labor markets, and in access to capital and finance – both in a legal sense and regarding social norms and practices. This year’s Development Day will focus on existing constraints but also highlight initiatives trying to improve the situation. The conference will bring together international scholars, business representatives and government officials to discuss the importance of gender-equal opportunities and policies for economic development.

Development Day 2018 will feature a combination of presentations and panel discussions. The Swedish government’s view and priorities in this area will be presented as well as research on different key sub-areas and in-depth case studies from Eastern Europe. The panels will be devoted to discussing existing challenges and feature good practices of corporations and aid agencies in the context of low and middle-income country subsidiaries, trading partners and development projects.

More information about the program, speakers and presented topics will be presented shortly. The number of seats for this event is limited, therefore we invite you to register for the event as soon as possible.

To learn more and register for the event, please visit the website of the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (see here).