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Linking the 4E’s: Entrepreneurship, Ecosystems and Emerging Economies

FREE Network member institute BEROC will host an Open Lecture with Dr Maribel Guerrero, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Economic and Business Faculty at Universidad del Desarrollo. During the lecture, Prof Guerrero will discuss what configuration of entrepreneurship ecosystems can stimulate the creation of high-growth ventures.

The question of the influence of environmental conditions on entrepreneurial activity in the last 5 years has been widely discussed in the academic community. During the Open Lecture, Dr Maribel Guerrero will explain why diversity in entrepreneurship and context is significant, what conditions are favourable and what – less favourable. The lecture will include both research details and implications for stakeholders.

Prof. Guerrero holds a Ph.D. and M.Phil. in Business Economics at the Department of Business of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). Her research interests focus on:

    • the determinants of intra/entrepreneurial activities developed in/from the public and private organizations
    • the impacts of intra/entrepreneurial activities on the societal, economic and technological development of economies
    • the configuration of entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystems
    • entrepreneurial diversity in emerging economies

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