Archil Chapichadze

Researcher | ISET-PI

Archil Chapichadze is a Researcher at ISET-PI, and a valedictorian graduate of ISET’s BA program in economics, 2021. His bachelor’s thesis was selected by ISET and PMCG as among the best theses of the 2021 class. During his time at ISET, Archil won numerous local and international competitions, including the IMF Fund Challenge (2020), EBRD Student Challenge (2020), the first round of the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) Emerging Leaders Competition (2020), and the Mastercard student challenge “Cashless for Future” (2019). Archil is currently completing his MBA in management at the Business and Technology University.

Before joining ISET-PI Archil worked as a Data Analyst at Gamma Research and he has also completed internships at EBRD’s regional office (2021) and in the National Bank of Georgia’s Financial Stability Department (2019), where he worked on Environmental, Social, and Governmental (ESG) Risk Management Guidelines for Georgia.

Last updated February, 2023.