Maja Adena

Research Fellow | WZB Berlin Social Science Center

Maja Adena is a Research Fellow of Economics of Change research unit,  at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. She received her Ph.D. degree in Economics at the Free University Berlin and finished her Berlin Doctoral Program in Economic Science and Management in 2013. She has worked as Research Fellow at the Center for Economic Analysis (CenEA) in 2012, and since that holds a position of Research Associate at CenEA.

Her academic interests are mainly in the field of public economics. More specifically, she is interested in charitable giving and non-profit organizations, recently running a number of (field) experiments on the optimal design of a fundraising campaign. In the field of political economy she works on persuasion, studying the question of how far the media can influence individual preferences and behavior. Her research is also concerned with poverty and deprivation and how it impacts individual well-being.