Yuliia Pavytska

Manager of the Sanctions program at the KSE Institute | KSE/KEI

Yuliia Pavytska is the Manager of the Sanctions Program at the KSE Institute. Since the outbreak of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Yuliia has focused her research efforts on the sanctions imposed on the country, specifically evaluating their effectiveness, the state of the Russian economy, and the development of sanctions proposals. In addition, Yuliia manages the KSE Institute’s Sanctions Team and engages in building partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders, including authorities in coalition countries and other research institutions. 

Yuliia joined the KSE Institute in 2020. Before February 2022 she was, as a policy researcher, engaged in diverse projects ranging from the Ukrainian labor market and agriculture sector to European integration and sectoral strategy development for Ukrainian authorities.

Prior to joining the KSE Institute, Yuliia worked at the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine (2019-2020). During her tenure, she served as a policy research assistant to the Deputy Minister of Economy, where her responsibilities covered various areas, including economic strategy and labor market policies design.

Yuliia holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the Kyiv School of Economics (2019).

(Last updated March 2024)