External institution: University of Warsaw

Michal Brzezinski

Michal Brzezinski is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw. He received his Ph.D. (2004) and Habilitation (2014) at the University of Warsaw. His research interests include income and wealth distribution and happiness economics.

(Last updated January 2020)

Iwona Kowalska

Iwona Kowalska (PhD) is a researcher at Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw. Her field of expertise covers quantitative methods (econometrics and statistics) applied in economics and finance. She has been involved in research projects on procyclicality in banking, macroprudential policy and competition in the banking industry. She has merged academic experience with professional work in the banking and the mobile industry.

Małgorzata Olszak

Małgorzata Olszak (PhD, Associate Professor) conducts research in banking and finance at Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw and has published as an author and co-author over seventy academic works covering these fields. She has been principal investigator in several research projects on procyclicality in banking and effects of macroprudential policy. Her activity also covers attendance at international conferences as a presenter, discussant and chair of sessions as well as reviewing manuscripts in JCR journals.