Field of research: Competition

Ana Burduli

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Ana Burduli is a Deputy Head of the Private Sector Development Policy Research Center at the ISET Policy Institute. Ana holds a Master’s Degree in Quantitative Economics from the University of Tartu in Estonia (2017) and received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from Tbilisi State University (2014).

Before joining ISET-PI, she worked as a Business Development Officer at PMCG. Prior to this, she served as a research assistant at the Central Bank of Lithuania, as well as performed mentorship for students of the Masters of Applied Economics Programme at CERGE-EI. Since 2019, Ana is a visiting lecturer at Ilia State University.

Her research interests include public policy, international trade, and competitiveness.

(Last updated February 2022)

Konstantins Benkovskis

Konstantins Benkovskis is the Adviser in the Monetary Policy Department of the Bank of Latvia. His main research activities include international trade, competitiveness, and macroeconomic forecasting. He is also the active member of the ESCB Competitiveness Research Network (CompNet). Konstantins Benkovskis combines his office duties at the Bank of Latvia with the position of Assistant Professor at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, where he teaches International Economics and Econometrics for undergraduates.