Field of research: Economic Demography

Hozny Zoabi

Hosny Zoabi is an assistant professor in Economics at the New Economic School. He received his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University in 2005. Zoabiā€™s research focuses on understanding the determinants of long-run economic growth and its interaction with demographic changes, market structure and gender differences. It also concentrates on current demographic trends evolving in developed and developing countries.

Olena Nizalova

Olena Nizalova

Olena Nizalova is a Research Fellow in Health Economics at the University of Kent (United Kingdom) and Associate Professor at Kyiv School of Economics. She completed her PhD program in Economics at Michigan State University.

Her recent works include an investigation of the behavior of near elderly with respect to the labor supply and informal care for their elderly parents throughout the world, motherhood wage penalty and inequality in workplace amenities in Ukraine.