Field of research: Experimental Economics

Elena Nikishina

Elena Nikishina is a research fellow at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Diversity and Economic Development of the Moscow State University. She received her master’s degree in Economics and candidate of economic sciences degree at the Moscow State University.

Lasha Lanchava

Lasha Lanchava

Lasha Lanchava received a Ph.D. degree from the Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education-Economics Institute (CERGE-EI). He has worked as a Research Fellow at the International School of Economics – Tbilisi State University Policy Institute (ISET-PI).

Lasha Lanchava holds expertise in an introductory and advanced level economics and math concepts. In his research, Lasha takes an interdisciplinary approach that bridges insights from behavioral economics, evolutionary, cultural and social psychology, law and economics and evolutionary biology and uses the techniques of experimental economics, to understand observed heterogeneity in economic preferences.

*Last updated April 2021


Chloé Le Coq

Chloe Le Coq

Chloé Le Coq is a Professor of Economics at the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas (CRED) and a Research Fellow at the Stockholm School of Economics (SITE).

Her research investigates topics related to antitrust policy, industrial organization, and experimental economics, with a particular focus on the energy markets and their regulation. Her recent work includes empirical studies on financial contracts, social innovation and experimental studies of the electricity auction.

(Last updated May 2020)