Field of research: Game Theory

Erekle Shubitidze

Erekle Shubitidze is a Senior Researcher at the ISET Policy Institute, having joined in October 2020. Erekle holds a BA in Mathematics from the University of Georgia. In 2020, he received an MA in Economics from ISET, with his Master’s project focusing on social preferences in a variant of economic games.

Prior to his position at the ISET Policy Institute, he served as a teaching assistant for Master’s degree students at ISET, teaching modules in Macroeconomics I & II, Game Theory, and Introductory Finance.

[Last updated March 2024]

Luc Leruth

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Luc Leruth is a Lead Economist at the ISET Policy Institute (ISET-PI). He holds an MSc degree in Mathematics as well as MA and a Ph.D. in Economics. Mr. Leruth has spent most of his career in international financial institutions, mostly the IMF, but also at the AsDB in a number of positions. He has served as a Head of the Fiscal transparency Unit, Secretary of the G-10, and Director of several Regional Technical Assistance Centers of the IMF in Africa and in the Pacific.

Luc Leruth has spent many years in academia, including at the Indian Statistical Institute in Delhi, at the Universities of Liège, Brussels, and Essex. He has published extensively in scientific journals. Mr. Leruth also has experience in the Fintec sector and has published several novels.

[Last updated March 2021]

Danil Fedchenko

B.S. in Applied Math and Physics (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology),

M.A. in Economics (New Economic School),

Ph.D. in Economics (in progress) (Northwestern University).

Erika Gyllström

Erika Gyllstrom

Erika Gyllström is an MSc student at the Stockholm School of Economics and a Research Assistant at the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics since 2014.

Giancarlo Spagnolo

Giancarlo Spagnolo

Giancarlo Spagnolo is a Senior Researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics since 2006. He is also a research fellow of CEPR, London; and a non-resident fellow of EIEF, Rome. He is also a Professor of Economics at University of Rome II (on leave). He holds a Ph.D. from the Stockholm School of Economics, and was Assistant Professor at the University of Mannheim, Senior Economist at the Research Division of the Sveriges Riksbank, and founder and head of the Research Unit of the Italian Public Procurement Agency (Consip SpA).

He is an internationally recognized authority on Antitrust, Public Procurement and Anticorruption issues, and has been consulting on these topics for national and international institutions, including the World Bank, the European Parliament, the European Commission (DG Comp, DG EcFin and DG Markt) and several Antitrust and Procurement Authorities. 

(Last updated September 2020)

Dmitry Dagaev

Dmitry Dagaev

Dmitry Dagaev is a Deputy Vice-Rector and Associate Professor in National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow). He received his Ph.D. (Kandidat nauk) degree in Mathematics from Moscow State University (2011) and Master’s degree in Economics from New Economic School (Moscow).

Florian Biermann

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Florian Biermann is a Senior Lecturer at the Nottingham Business School. He is module lead of the third-year module “Developments in Economic Theory” and the learning and teaching representative of the economics department.

Florian Biermann got his master’s degree in economics from the Free University Berlin. In 2006, he moved to Jerusalem, Israel, to pursue his doctorate in game theory at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

From 2011 to August 2017, he was an Assistant Professor at the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Besides his academic appointment, he headed the “Social Policy Research Center” at the affiliated think tank ISET Policy Institute (ISET-PI), a role in which he carried out applied economics projects for clients like the World Bank, UNDP, USAID, UNICEF, and others.

*Last updated April 2021