Field of research: Health Economics

Michal Myck

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Michal Myck is the Director and Member of the Board of the Centre for Economic Analysis (CenEA). He previously worked at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (1999-2004; International Fellow 2005-2011) and at the DIW-Berlin (2005-2013). In the years 2005-2017 he was the Polish Country Team Leader for the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE). Myck received his B.A. and M.Phil. degrees at the University of Oxford (Philosophy, Politics and Economics in 1997 and Economics in  1999), his Ph.D. degree at the University of Warsaw (2006) and completed his habilitation at the Free University of Berlin (2015).

He has published in journals such as American Economic Journal – Economic Policy, Journal of Health Economics, Social Science and Medicine, Labour Economics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Economics of Transition, Fiscal Studies, Oxford Review of Economic Policy and Review of Economics of the Household.

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His research has focused on modelling of labour market behaviour and on the implications of labour market regulations on employment and retirement decisions. He has studied the effectiveness of tax and benefit systems and worked on issues related to the measurement of poverty and income inequality.

(Last updated October 2022)

Marion Leroutier

Marion Leroutier is a postdoctoral researcher at the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets, based at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), and an affiliated researcher at SSE’s Department of Economics.

Her research investigates topics related to climate policy, the economic cost of air pollution, and the health benefits of the energy transition.

(Last updated May 2022)

Olga Nikolaieva

Olga Nikolaieva is a Research Associate at KSE Institute, and a researcher at Foreign Trade Research Center, Trade+. She holds an MA in Economics from the Economic Education and Research Consortium (EERC) /Kyiv School of Economics. Her main research interests lie in the field of international trade, as well as health economics and labour economics.

Olga has participated in projects such as the Horizon 2020 funded “Social Exclusion of Youth in Europe: Cumulative Disadvantage, Coping Strategies, Effective Policies and Transfer” (EXCEPT) and the feasibility study “Effectiveness of public health system in combating severe population health crisis in Ukraine”.

(Last updated October 2019)

Pavlo Iavorskyi

Pavlo Iavorskyi is a Research Associate and Teaching Fellow at Kyiv School of Economics. He obtained Master’s degree in Economics at University of Houston in 2011.

He was involved as a researcher and project manager in various policy projects in fields of international trade, public finance and public procurement, public health and tobacco control, anti-corruption and SME development, decentralization and local development.


(Last updated February 2021)

Nataliia Shapoval

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Nataliia Shapoval is the Chairman of the KSE Institute and Vice President for Policy Research. She also serves as a Member of the Advisory Board of the Center of Excellence in Procurement.

Nataliia Shapoval guided and conducted policy research on public procurement, cost of HIV disease, the financial burden of health care costs, private-sector driven growth strategies. She served as a contributor to the Ukraine reform monitoring project of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Also, Nataliia is a member of the Editorial Board of VoxUkraine. Nataliia Shapoval got a Master’s degree in Probability Theory and Statistics from Taras Shevchenko National University and a Master’s in Economic Analysis from the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE).

(Last updated March 2022)

Evgeny Yakovlev

Evgeny Yakovlev is an Associate Professor at the New Economic School, Moscow and a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Government Affairs at LSE. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from University of California, Berkeley.

(Last updated October 2019)

Galina Besstremyannaya

Galina Besstremyannaya is a Lead Economist at the Centre for Economic and Financial Research (CEFIR). She is a Senior economist at the CEMI RAS, and an Associate Professor at the Higher School of Economics (HSE University). Galina Besstremyannaya has graduated from Moscow State University (MSU).

She gained her MA in economics at the New Economic School (NES). And she obtained her PhD in Economics from Keio University (Tokyo) in 2010. Her research interests include econometrics, productivity analysis, management, and health economics.

CEFIR is an independent economic policy think tank with a mission to improve Russia’s economic and social policies by producing cutting-edge academic research and policy analysis. CEFIR makes it possible for both policymakers and the public to make informed choices and is a member of the FREE Network.

(Last updated January 2020)

Nikolay Avxentyev

Nikolay Avxentyev

Nikolay Avxentyev is currently Research Fellow at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, and Research fellow at the Research Financial institution of Ministry of Finance, both in Moscow, Russia. He received his Master’s degree in Economics from the New Economic School in 2013.

His main research papers on fiscal federalism are concerned with the effect of (de)centralization on budgetary performance and regional debt policy. His main papers on health economics examine health insurance systems in Russia and abroad.

Olena Nizalova

Olena Nizalova

Olena Nizalova is a Research Fellow in Health Economics at the University of Kent (United Kingdom) and Associate Professor at Kyiv School of Economics. She completed her PhD program in Economics at Michigan State University.

Her recent works include an investigation of the behavior of near elderly with respect to the labor supply and informal care for their elderly parents throughout the world, motherhood wage penalty and inequality in workplace amenities in Ukraine.