Field of research: Inequality

Celina Tippmann

Celina Tippmann is a Research Assistant at the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum). Her research interests are related to the environment and social inequality. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics and in International Economic Policy at Sciences Po. Previously, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Technical University of Dresden.

(Last updated May 2022)

Mery Julakidze

Mery Julakidze is a Junior Researcher at ISET Policy Institute (ISET-PI). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from International School of Economics (ISET). Over the course of her studies and career, Mery has demonstrated a particular interest in gender economics, public policy, and development economics. In her BA thesis, she studied gender, ethnicity, and age pay gaps in the Georgian labor market.

[Last updated March 2022]

Alina Schmitz

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Alina Schmitz is a Post-Doc and serves as a Chair of Social Structure and Sociology of Aging Societies at the TU Dortmund. She studied rehabilitation science at the University of Cologne with a focus on gerontology, health services research and methods of empirical social science. She graduated in 2016 (M.A.). She has been working as a research associate at TU Dortmund since 2020.

Her research interests are related to health sociology, population ageing and the interrelations of social policy and inequalities in health.

(Last updated June 2020)

Claudius Garten

Claudius Garten works as a Research Associate at the chair for Social Structure & Sociology of Ageing Societies at TU Dortmund since March 2020. He received a M.A. in Social Science in the study programme for Methods of Social Research at Ruhr University Bochum. His research interests are social inequality, economic sociology and quantitative methods of social research.

(Last updated October 2022)

Alberto Vesperoni

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Alberto Vesperoni joined the Department of Political Economy as a Lecturer in Economics in September 2019. He is trained as an economist holding a PhD from Stockholm School of Economics, MSc from Bocconi University. He is an economic theorist with focus on development economics. So far Alberto’s research has been on contest theory and on linking models of social interaction to structural variables related to the measurement of economic inequality, spatial concentration and ethnic diversity.

His research focuses on contest theory and on linking models of social interaction to structural variables related to economic inequality, spatial concentration and ethnic diversity. He published in journals such as the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Economic Inquiry, and Social Choice and Welfare.

(Last updated August 2022)

Tamta Maridashvili

Tamta Maridashvili is a Senior Researcher at the ISET Policy Institute (ISET-PI). Tamta is specialized in the topics of education and inequality.

Tamta Maridashvili regularly produces blog articles and works on donor-funded research and applied projects. She holds a Master’s Degree of Science in Economics from Lund University, Sweden. She is a visiting lecturer at Ilia State University, Tbilisi.