Field of research: Sustainable Development

Zachary Vlessing

Zachary is an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Finance at The Wharton School and International Environmental Policy in the College. He is interested in Sustainable Development and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, and he has contributed to several research projects in this field.

Zachary is a Millenium Fellow, a fellowship from the United Nations given to university students promoting the Sustainable Development Goals, and a Wharton Research Scholar. After graduation, he will be working at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in the Climate & Sustainability practice.

(Last updated March 2023) 

Nadzeya Batava

Nadzeya Batava received her Ph.D. in Economics in 2006. In 2018 she became an Associate Professor at the Belarusian State Technological University, and in 2017 held a fellowship at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Since 2018, she has been working at BEROC as an Analyst in the Green Economy Project.

Her professional interests include green economy and sustainable development.

Yauheniya Shershunovich

Yauheniya Shershunovich is an Analyst (Consultant) in the Green Economy Project at BEROC.  She is a PhD candidate in Applied Economics at the Center for Development Research (ZEF) at the University of Bonn. Her research interests are environmental economics, green and circular economy and sustainable consumption.

(Last updated January 2023)

Norberto Pignatti

Profile image of Norberto Pignatti

Norberto Pignatti is an Energy & Environment and Labor Economist. Norberto holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Bologna (2007). Since 2016, he has been the Head of the Energy and Environmental Policy Research Center at ISET Policy Institute. He is also Associate Professor of Policy at the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET), which he joined in 2009. His research interests include labor market policies, energy and environmental policies, and sustainable development.

(Last updated November 2o21)