Field of research: Trade Liberalization

David G. Tarr

David G. Tarr is a consultant and former Lead Economist with the World Bank and Adjunct Professor of International Economics at the New Economic School, Moscow. He has authored more than 60 refereed journal articles, written or edited 11 books or monographs and over 100 other professional papers.

Tarr has worked in more than 25 countries providing trade policy advice. His solely authored journal articles include articles in Econometrica, Review of Economic Studies, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Economic Inquiry, the Southern Economics Journal, the Journal of International Economics and the Journal of Comparative Economics.

Presently, his research interests include the link between the liberalization of barriers in services and growth and poverty reduction (with applications in Tanzania and Kenya), World Trade Organization accession (with applications in Russia and Kazakhstan), assessing the impact of diverse interrelated regional integration agreements (with applications in Chile, Brazil, Russia, Armenia, Tanzania, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan), and assessing the impact of trade liberalization with heterogeneous firms.