Field of research: Transition Economics

Michal Myck

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Michal Myck is the Director and Member of the Board of the Centre for Economic Analysis (CenEA). He previously worked at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (1999-2004; International Fellow 2005-2011) and at the DIW-Berlin (2005-2013). In the years 2005-2017 he was the Polish Country Team Leader for the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE). Myck received his B.A. and M.Phil. degrees at the University of Oxford (Philosophy, Politics and Economics in 1997 and Economics in  1999), his Ph.D. degree at the University of Warsaw (2006) and completed his habilitation at the Free University of Berlin (2015).

He has published in journals such as American Economic Journal – Economic Policy, Journal of Health Economics, Social Science and Medicine, Labour Economics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Economics of Transition, Fiscal Studies, Oxford Review of Economic Policy and Review of Economics of the Household.

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His research has focused on modelling of labour market behaviour and on the implications of labour market regulations on employment and retirement decisions. He has studied the effectiveness of tax and benefit systems and worked on issues related to the measurement of poverty and income inequality.

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Svitlana Taran

Svitlana Taran holds an MA in Economics from Economic Education and Research Consortium (EERC) /Kyiv School of Economics. She has more than 10 years of experience as an analyst and consultant on international trade, trade policy, non-tariff barriers to trade, European integration and WTO regulations.

In 2016-2018, Svitlana worked in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine. In 2018-2019, she completed the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program in Economic Development at Boston University.

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John S. Earle

John S. Earle received his undergraduate degrees from Oberlin College and Conservatory, and his Ph.D. from Stanford University. Now a Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University, he has also taught at Stanford University, Stockholm School of Economics, University of Vienna, and Central European University. His main research interests are in labor, development, transition, and institutions, including topics such as employment policies, financial constraints, reallocation, and the effects of structural and institutional change on firms and workers. A former President of the Association for Comparative Economic Studies, his articles have been published in leading journals in not only economics, but also political science, management, and finance.

Hanna Vakhitova

Hanna Vakhitova

Hanna Vakhitova is an Assistant Professor at KSE and a Senior Economist at KEI. Hanna received Ph.D. in  Economics at the University of Kentucky in 2006 having previously obtained a Master’s degree in Economics at the Economic Education and Research Consortium in 1999.

Her fields of specialization are migration and labor economics, education and development. Respectively to her scientific interеsts, she provides consultations on issues connected with migration, labour market and social assistance system.

Hanna Vakhitova was awarded numerous grants from the World Bank, the Internation Labour Organization, and the Ministry of Social Protection of Ukraine; fellowships from  University of Kentucky and Eurasia Foundation.

Tatiana Mikhailova

Tatiana Mikhailova

Tatiana Mikhailova joined Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration in 2013, prior to that she was an Assistant Professor at the New Economic School, Moscow and a visiting Lecturer and Researcher at Boston University, USA.
Mikhailova graduated from Moscow State Institute of Electronic Engineering in 1996. She got her MA degree in Economics from NES in 1997 and her Ph.D. in Economics from Pennsylvania State University in 2004.

Tatiana Mikhailova teaches econometrics, industrial organization and economic geography at RANEPA.

William Pyle

William Pyle

William Pyle is a Frederick Dirks Professor of International Economics and an affiliate of Middlebury’s programs in International Politics and Economics and Russian and East European Studies. He is also a Research Fellow at the Higher School of Economics’ International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development and on several occasions over the past decade have been a Visiting Researcher at the Bank of Finland’s Institute for Economies in Transition (BOFIT).

In 2014, he has been awarded the Russian National Prize in Applied Economics for his research on Russian business lobbies. He holds a B.A. in History from Harvard College (magna cum laude), an M.A. in Russian and East European Studies from Indiana University and a Ph.D. from Duke University in Economics.

Michael Alexeev

Michael Alexeev

Michael Alexeev holds the rank of Full Professor of Economics at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. He graduated from Moscow University in 1975, majoring in Economics and Mathematics, and received a Ph.D. in Economics from Duke University in 1984.

Alexeev’s research has appeared in such leading general economics journals as Journal of Economic Theory and Review of Economics and Statistics, as well as in comparative and development economics journals and edited volumes. He has also published articles in public choice and in law and economics, and has recently co-edited The Oxford Handbook of the Russian Economy, the Russian edition of which was published earlier this year.

Dzmitry Kruk

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Dzmitry Kruk is a Researcher at the Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center (BEROC). He has a BA in Economics (2002) and an MA in Banking and Finance (2004) from the Belarusian State University. In 2008 he finished a postgraduate program in Economic Theory at the Belarusian State University.

In 2003, Kruk worked as a research assistant for the Scientific and Research Economic Institute of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus. From 2003 to 2010 he was a researcher at the IPM Research Center and since 2004 he has been teaching economic courses at the Belarusian State University.

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