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Alexandra Polivanova

Alexandra Polivanova

Alexandra Polivanova is a Member of the Board of International Memorial. Alexandra is an experienced member of Memorial, an organisation helping to rehabilitate victims unjustly persecuted and repressed during the Soviet years. Memorial and its branches are also active today in the protection of human rights in some of Russia’s most troubled regions, including the North Caucasus.

(Last updated December 2022)

Anders Paalzow

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Anders Paalzow is a Rector of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Professor Anders Paalzow has been the Rector of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga since 1999 and is Chair of the Board for the Baltic International Centre of Economic Policy Studies (BICEPS) and Connect Latvia. Holding a PhD in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics, he is also a member of the Latvian Academy of Science with elected members, such as prominent scientists and other scholars to report promptly to the Government about scientific research findings.

His main research interests cover macroeconomics, economic growth, public debt, regional development and the economics of racetrack betting.

(Last updated September 2022)


Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak

Agnieszka Chlon-Dominczak is a Vice Rector for Science and a Head of the Institute of Statistics and Demography at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. She is a country team leader for the SHARE project in Poland. Between 2009 and 2017 she worked as a project leader for National Qualifications Framework Development at the Educational Research Institute in Warsaw.

Professor Agnieszka Chlon-Dominczak has served twice as a Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy. She also served as Director of the Department of Economic Analyses and Forecasting in the same Ministry. Previously she has served as a Vice President of the Social Protection Committee of the European Council and Chair of the Working Party on Social Policy of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Committee of the OECD.

Her research interests cover demography, ageing, life course, pensions, labour markets.

(Last updated August 2022)

Mariia Murasheva

Mariia Murasheva

Mariia Murasheva is a PhD Candidate in Economics at the Nova School of Business and Economics (NovaSBE), Campus de Carcavelos – Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal. Mariia holds a Bachelor’s in Physics and a Master’s in Management from Saint-Petersburg State University.

Her research is in Applied Microeconomics, with a special focus on the field of Environmental Economics. Her doctoral thesis focuses on air pollution and its impact on health and environmental justice. She expects to defend in the current academic year. She also has teaching experience as TA in the Master of Management at the NovaSBE.

(Last updated May 2022)

Guido Friebel

Guido Friebel

Guido Friebel is a Professor of human resources at Goethe University in Frankfurt. He is a Fellow at CEPRIZA, and a VP of SIOEa founding member of the Organizational Economics Committee of the German Economic Association (VfS), and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Sciences Po, and of ConTrust at Goethe University. He is also a Scientific Director of CLBO and Affiliated faculty at the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE). 

Before joiningGoethe University in Frankfurt, Guido Friebel held positions at the Toulouse School of Economics and EHESS, and at SITE, Stockholm School of Economics.

His research focuses on human resources, and organizational and personnel economics. His second field of interest is how institutions shape the accumulation and allocation of human capital, focusing on problems of families, gender, and migration.

Larry Samuelson

Larry Samuelson

Larry Samuelson is the A. Douglas Melamed Professor of Economics at Yale University and one of the faculty of the Cowles Foundation of Yale University. Samuelson earned his B.A. in economics/political science from the University of Illinois in 1974. He continued on with the University of Illinois for both his master’s degree in 1977 and his PhD in 1978—both in economics.

He has previously held faculty positions at the University of Florida, Syracuse University, Penn State and the University of Wisconsin. He has made significant contributions to microeconomic theory and game theory. Areas of specialization include the theory of repeated games and the evolutionary foundations of economic behavior.

Larry Samuelson has served on the editorial boards of Games and Economic Behavior, the International Journal of Game Theory, Economic Theory, the Journal of Economic Theory, Theoretical Economics, the Journal of Economic Literature, and Econometrica. He has served as a co-editor of Econometrica and the American Economic Review.ā

Andrei Kolesnikov

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Andrei Kolesnikov is a Senior Fellow and the Chair of the Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center. Kolesnikov also works with the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy and is a frequent contributor for, and He sits on the board of the Yegor Gaidar Foundation and is a member of the Committee of Civil Initiatives (the Alexei Kudrin Committee).

His research focuses on the major trends shaping Russian domestic politics, with a particular focus on ideological shifts inside Russian society. Kolesnikov has taught courses on journalism and modern media at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. He has won numerous journalism awards, including the Russian Golden Quill (Zolotoye Pero Rossii) Award, the Adam Smith Prize, and the Federal Press Agency Award.

Kolesnikov is the author of several books, including a biography of Anatoly Chubais and an analysis of how speechwriters have impacted history.

(Last updated February 2022)