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Sergo Gadelia

Sergo works as a junior researcher at ISET Policy Institute (ISET-PI). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from ISET. Before joining ISET-PI, Sergo completed his internship at the National Bank of Georgia’s Financial Stability Department, where he worked on the Georgian guideline for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risk management. His research interests include macroeconomics, monetary economics, growth theory, and urban and regional economics.

(Last updated February 2022)

Mery Julakidze

Mery is a junior researcher at ISET Policy Institute (ISET-PI). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from International School of Economics (ISET). Over the course of her studies and career, Mery has demonstrated a particular interest in gender economics, public policy, and development economics. In her BA thesis, she studied gender, ethnicity, and age pay gaps in the Georgian labor market.

(Last updated February 2022)

Natalia Tsybuleva

Natalia is a leading researcher at CEFIR NES, Moscow, and an Assistant Professor at Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. She holds her PhD in Economics from the University of Toulouse 1 and MA In Economics from the New Economic School.

Natalia’s research interests include microeconomic theory, industrial organization, competition policy and banking.

(Last updated November 2021)

Guram Lobzhanidze

Guram Lobzhanidze is a Researcher at the ISET Policy Institute’s Energy and Environmental Policy Research Center. He holds an MA degree in Economics from the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET). Mr. Lobzhanidze is responsible for producing monthly reports on the Georgian electricity market, writing blogs on economic topics, and working on research projects. His research interests include labor economics, energy economics, and microeconomic theory.

(Last updated November 2021)

Oleg Nivievskyi

Oleg Nivievskyi is an Assistant Professor at Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) and a coordinator of the UaFoodTrade research Project conducted jointly with the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO). Oleg has more than 15 years of international experience in applied research in agri-food product and factor markets and value chains, as well as in agri-food and regulatory policy impact. His research interest also covers spatial economics, efficiency, and productivity analysis.

Oleg received his PhD in Agricultural Economics and Applied Statistics from the University of Goettingen (Germany, 2010).

Roman Neyter

Roman Neyter is a KSE graduate (2017). Currently, he is doing a Ph.D. in agricultural economics at the joint program of Kyiv School of Economics and Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in transition economies (IAMO).

His main research interests are land policy and the industrial organization in agriculture.

Knar Khachatryan

Knar Khachatryan is an associate professor at the College of Business and Economics at the American University of Armenia. She is an associate researcher at Center for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi), Belgium. Her research centers on financial inclusion, multidimensional poverty, gender and conflict studies. Her recent publications appear in Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, Review of Development Economics, Eastern European Economics, Strategic Change and other journals. She holds a PhD in Management from SKEMA Business School (France) and a Doctorate in Economics from University of Cote d’Azur (France).

(Last updated September 2021)

Aleksandr Grigoryan

Profile image of Aleksandr Grigoryan

Aleksandr Grigoryan is an Associate Professor at the American University of Armenia and a CERGE-EI Foundation Teaching Fellow. Aleksandr Grigoryan has a PhD from the University of Turin and a Master’s Diploma from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna, both in the economics field. Starting in 2009, he has worked at the Research Department in the Central Bank of Armenia and has been teaching at the American University of Armenia (AUA), School of Political Science and International Affairs.

Since April 2012, he has been appointed as an Assistant Professor of Economics at the College of Business and Economics and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at the American University of Armenia. Dr. Grigoryan has served as the chair of the Master of Business Administration program, at the College of Business and Economics from 2014-2020. Aleksandr Grigoryan is very active in research and publishes in peer-reviewed journals regularly. He has publications in the Journal of Income Distribution and Eastern European Economics, among others.

His research covers topics from development economics such as income distribution, migration, transformation of industry structure.

(Last updated September 2022)

Violetta Panasevich

Violetta graduated from the Belarusian State University with a degree in Analytical Economics in 2021. In January-February 2021 she did an internship at BEROC and currently holds a position as junior researcher. Her research interests include female entrepreneurship and private sector development.

(Last updated December 2021)

Ronny Freier

Ronny Freier is an Economics Professor at the Technical University of Applied Science at Wildau. He received his master degree from the Free University Berlin (2000—2006), and his Ph.D. degree at the Stockholm School of Economics (2006–2011).

(Last updated April 2021)